DenturAid’s practice provides a variety of dental services. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are very conservative in our treatment recommendations and limit treatment to the areas where it is absolutely necessary.

After reviewing your medical and dental history, Mr. Mirhosseini will examine your gums, teeth and mouth. After gathering the information, he will discuss your condition with you and suggest the most helpful treatment for your dental health.

How much will treatment cost?

The cost of dental treatment varies depending upon your needs. After Mr. Mirhosseini examine you, he will determine the appropriate treatment, and he will provide you with an estimate of the cost. If you are covered by dental insurance, your carrier may cover some or all of your costs. Generally, insurance carriers will not compensate you for dental services. As always, DenturAid and staff will be happy to work with you and your insurance company to secure maximum benefits.

Maintenance: Keeping Your Dentures Healthy for a Lifetime

Denturaid By Design is committed to protecting your good oral health. We offer denture cleaning services and oral check up at a reasonable price. It is recommended that you visit our office every six months to ensure that your prosthesis is clean and functioning well.

What is included in a visit?

  1. Discussion of changes to health history
  2. Oral examination looking for any abnormal changes
  3. Cleaning dentures to remove bacterial plaque and tartar
  4. Examining teeth for decay
  5. Checking the fit of your dentures (occlusion)

Maintenance of your prosthesis will protect your investment and keep your dental costs down by preventing future problems.