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  • Teeth whitening techniques

    Coffee, tea, wine, and other foods discolor teeth over time. If your smile has lost its luster, several teeth whitening techniques are available. Teeth whitening techniques: Whitening rinses. Used like a mouthwash, these products contain whitening agents. They’re easy to use. All you do is swirl the rinse around your mouth for a minute. Because

  • Bad breath, or halitosis..

    Bad breath, or halitosis..

    Who hasn’t had a moment of less-than-lovely breath? Bad breath, or halitosis, can get in the way of your social life and make you self-conscious and embarrassed. Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to get a fresh mouth. 1. Brush and floss more frequently. One of the prime causes of bad breath is plaque,

  • The Panthera Anti-Snoring Device

    The Panthera Anti-Snoring Device

    This device is custom-made and includes two retainers to be inserted on the upper and lower arches. The retainers are manufactured using a laser sintering process. The connector system consists of two triangles attached to the lower retainer and of retaining rods. These rods are connected to the upper retainer and to the triangles of

  • Torus Mandibularis

    Torus Mandibularis

    Mandibular tori are usually a clinical finding with no treatment necessary. It is possible for ulcers to form on the area of the tori due to trauma. The tori may also complicate the fabrication of dentures. If removal of the tori is needed, surgery can be done to reduce the amount of bone, but the


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Denturaid - Max Mirhosseini, DT (Dip), DD, HIP  Denturist and Hearing Instrument Practitioner   Denturist and Hearing Instrument Practitioner Max graduated with high academic standings in Denturism and Dental Technology from George Brown College. He is a member of the College of Denturists of Ontario. Max is a former council member of the College of Denturists of Ontario, where he was actively involved in the development of Infection Control protocol. Max has maintained a position as a clinical instructor in the faculty of Denturism at George Brown College. He is passionate about continuing dental education. He continually strives to be informed with up-to-date techniques. He has also contributed to the publication of College Contact dental magazine. Max maintains a full-time private practice in North York, Ontario. He is committed to working collaboratively with his patients to create comprehensive treatment plans tailored to his patients’ needs. Providing personal attention in a caring environment is at the core of Max’s philosophy. In 2010, Max was the recipient of Top Choice Award for providing quality dental care in the Greater Toronto Area.

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