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    Torus Mandibularis

    Torus Mandibularis

    Mandibular tori are usually a clinical finding with no treatment necessary. It is possible for ulcers to form on the area of the tori due to trauma. The tori may also complicate the fabrication of dentures. If removal of the tori is needed, surgery can be done to reduce the amount of bone, but the tori may reform in cases where nearby teeth still receive local stresses.

    Torus mandibularis is a bony growth, usually nodular, along the lower jaw. Such growths appear on the inside of the bone, just below the teeth, and often develop in pairs on either side of the mouth. Most tori are benign, but they can occasionally cause problems that necessitate more active treatment. A dentist or oral surgeon can conduct an evaluation to determine if a patient’s particular case is in need of special attention.


    The causes for these growths are not well understood. Local stress appears to be a factor, as torus mandibularis is more common in people who grind their teeth or have problems with the alignment of the teeth and jaws. They grow slowly over time, and may appear very early in childhood in some cases or later on in life, sometimes after a period of stress. If removed, a torus mandibularis can recur, illustrating that it is the result of an ongoing process in the mouth rather than a one-time error of bone development.

    Size can vary radically. Sometimes a torus mandibularis is a relatively small bump, while in other cases the growths are large enough to touch each other. Patients with larger growths can experience discomfort because it may be hard to chew or swallow. Small growths are extremely common, particularly in men, and are not usually a cause for concern unless they start growing very rapidly or the patient notices changes in the color or texture of the growth.

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  • Posted by Crystal on August 14, 2015, 1:22 am

    Hi, I have a strange problem. I a small mandibular tori and it’s very small but it burns and stings. I am not sure why it’s doing this and I tried everything (considering that I am a dental assistant) and nothing is working. I also have a partial denture but I had the tori before that but it didn’t start hurting until a few weeks ago. Any suggestions?

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